How not to waste your time?
If you intend to search for partners and new contacts, then it's time to fill out your profile to:
  • participate in meetings, organizations on virtual stands,
  • attend events with experts,
  • make appointments with other participants.
You are an agent or an educational platform or service:
  • Convenient list of participants (except anonymous ones) with information cards,
  • Master classes from experts
  • Exchange experience with colleagues in the World cafe. See the full schedule in the Program section.

Something is not clear? Feel free to ask by mail
Why you should create a card?
  • Show activity in the search for foreign partners,
  • Facilitate search for colleagues from other countries
  • Stand out from other candidates with a brief description of their experience and interests
How do I create a card?
  • Go to the Personal cards menu and click My Card;
  • You can also create a card in the My Event Settings side menu.
What should I specify in the card?
  • A couple of suggestions about yourself: who you are, your main specialization, interests, and projects that you develop
  • Link to the organization, social networks (up to 3 links)
  • Promo materials (up to 3 images)
  • Links to videos
How do I schedule and conduct meetings?
To make your time at the conference more productive, we recommend making appointments
  • The complete list is available on the Members tab.
  • Organizations are presented in the Organizations Tab
  • For a more convenient search, use filters
  • Block slots in advance when you cannot hold meetings.
  • Meetings can be scheduled from September 29-30. One video call in PINE lasts half an hour.
Schedule an appointment
Select a free slot from the participant and send a request via the Request Meeting button.
If the meeting is confirmed, be sure to add it to your calendar so that you don't miss it.
Holding a meeting
Each meeting takes place in a separate online room. To get access to it:
  • Go to your schedule My meetings, click on the desired table and the Start Meeting button;
  • Wait for the meeting to start.
Technical tips
  • Use the Chrome browser only on the desktop.
  • You must have a camera and a microphone (or at least a microphone).
  • You can add a colleague to the meeting, if necessary. When you invite him / her to a call, he / she will receive a link to enter the room in private messages via PINE Bot.
Respect someone else's time, do not be late for a call. In case of force majeure, cancel / reschedule the meeting in the system, indicating the reason.

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